7 Reasons To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

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Some really good reasons to have your wisdom teeth out

The poor old wisdom tooth has to be the most unpopular tooth around, and certainly have a bad reputation. These teeth, which are sometimes called third molars, make an appearance in your mouth later in life in your 20s. Everyone’s different, whilst some wisdom teeth causes absolutely no concerns, some may have the potential to cause you all sorts of trouble. You usually don’t know they are there, until you start to feel pain.

Why some wisdom teeth need to be pulled out

For some patients, wisdom teeth could cause the following problems: 

  1. Infection
  2. Gum disease
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Tooth or jaw pain
  5. Fluid-filled cysts
  6. Solid tumors
  7. Damage to neighbouring teeth


We should say that not everyone will definitely experience problems with their wisdom teeth, but the vast majority of people do. This is why we especially recommend regular check ups and x-rays so we can keep a close eye on what your wisdom’s are doing. We will only remove wisdom teeth if we genuinely believe there is a risk of a problem occurring, if they can stay safely where they are, then that is great news.

Do I need my wisdom teeth?

Nope. Your other teeth are more than enough to enable you to eat and enjoy food. Wisdom teeth are extra teeth that adults get, that they do not actually need. You will be in no way disadvantaged, if you have any or all of your wisdom teeth extracted.

The mistake most people make

Not everyone has regular check ups with their dentist. And we understand that sometimes you are busy, and would probably rather not have to worry about the cost of check ups. But a regular check up will help keep an eye on what your wisdom teeth are up to. You have four wisdom teeth and they can all come through at different times.

If your dentist is not keeping an eye on your wisdom teeth, you won’t know they are coming through or causing problems till you feel pain. We cannot stress this enough – if you feel pain, please come in for a consultation with one of our dentists as soon as possible. Our team of experienced dentists can check whether the pain is at all related to infection that can turn into gum disease. We can also tell whether your new teeth are affecting neighbouring teeth. 

We would rather remove any problems as soon as possible.

Who extracts wisdom teeth?

Dentists extract or remove wisdom teeth after a consultation, to confirm that pulling them out is the best thing for you. Every mouth is different, and so our dentists will determine what is right for you. We do this everyday for people, and the treatment is very successful with zero complications in almost all cases. 

If you have any further questions about wisdom teeth or would like to book an appointment, get in touch today!