Choosing A Dentist for Your Root Canal Treatment | Sydney Dentist

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Do you suffer from toothache, swelling of your gums or sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods? This may be a sign that you need a root canal treatment

If you find the idea of undergoing root canal therapy daunting, you’re not alone. But thanks to modern dentistry, it’s no longer something to worry too much about. In this article, we discuss what a root canal is, and how to choose the right dentist for the procedure.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Our dentists may recommend a root canal when your tooth has significant decay that has gone beyond the surface of your tooth. A root canal procedure aims to stop the infection from spreading and ultimately, save your tooth.

When the nerves on the inside of your tooth become infected, they begin to shrink and die. Not only does this put your tooth at risk of damage or falling out, but it can also cause a lot of pain. When tooth decay has spread beyond the outer layers of your tooth, root canal therapy may be what you need.

Here’s what the process for a typical root canal looks like:

  • Your dentist will numb the area with a local anaesthetic
  • They will remove the areas of decayed tooth
  • The cavity will be cleaned and disinfected
  • They will then fill the area and seal your tooth
  • Your tooth is polished for a finish that looks and feels natural

Things to Consider When Choosing A Dentist for Your Root Canal Treatment

Before making your dental appointment, it’s important to find the right dentist. Below we discuss a few essential things to consider.

Practice Reputation

There’s no shortage of dental practices in Sydney. This can make choosing the right one tricky. In most cases, a practice’s reputation can tell you a lot about what you need to know to make your choice.

Thanks to technology, it’s not hard to come across this information. Facebook, Google and practice websites can provide you with reviews, testimonials and case studies. As these document patient experiences first-hand, they can be very useful guides.

It also pays to ask your family, friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Dentist Qualifications

Before undergoing any complex dental procedures be sure to enquire into a dentist’s qualifications, skill set, and experience. Despite common belief, not all dentists can perform root canal therapy. Extra training is required to be able to carry out this dental treatment.

A dental practice’s website is usually a good place to locate this kind of information. Otherwise, ask them about their experience in root canal therapy during a consultation. Knowing they have the appropriate skill, experience and qualifications will give you peace of mind.

Communication Skills

It’s not for patients to know the ins and outs of the dental treatments they may need to receive. A great dentist will have good communication skills. They will take the time to fully explain your treatment to you. They will ensure that you’re aware of what root canal treatment involves and that you always know what to expect next.

Choose a dental practice that has a team that is happy to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. A great way to do this is to shortlist a few dental practices and give them a call! You should feel at ease when communicating with your dental practitioner.

Practice Environment

The impact your environment can have on situations is not to be underestimated. If you’re looking for a dental practice for a root canal treatment in Sydney, consider their practice environment. A welcoming front desk, relaxing waiting room and modern and comfortable treatment rooms can make dental procedures a lot more enjoyable.

Visiting a dental practice’s website will often give you a feel for their practice environment and facilities.

Level of Compassion

It’s normal to be nervous about receiving dental treatment. A great dental team knows and understands this. When choosing a dental practice for your root canal therapy, it’s important to choose one with a compassionate team. This is especially true for patients suffering from dental-related anxiety.

A compassionate dental team will help you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. They aim to minimise any pain and discomfort. Look for a dental practice that makes receiving dental treatment as enjoyable as can be.

Convenience of Location

There are many dentists scattered throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. When shortlisting dentists to carry out your root canal procedure, rank convenience highly. Root canal treatments can be complex. So, they sometimes need more than one appointment/a check-up appointment post-treatment.

Having a dentist that is close by can save you a lot of time and inconvenience.

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

A consultation with a dentist will help you determine if you need root canal therapy. However, below are some of the common warning signs you may notice:

Persistent Tooth Pain

This can be pain that is continuous or only bothers you from time to time. If you need a root canal, this pain won’t go away on its own. You may experience pain deep within your tooth. Or you may feel referred pain in your surrounding teeth, face or jaw.

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you experience dull or sharp tooth pain when eating hot, cold or sweet foods or drinks? This kind of tooth sensitivity may suggest that the nerves inside your tooth have become infected. Patients in need of a root canal often experience sensitivity to pressure too. With this type of tooth sensitivity, it can be painful to eat or touch your tooth.

Swollen Gums

If your gums swell around a certain tooth, that could be a sign that that tooth needs a root canal. The swelling may be constant, or it may be intermittent. Swollen gums can be as a result of acidic waste products excreted by infected inner tooth tissue.

Tooth Discolouration

A pulp infection may cause your tooth to discolour. This is because as the damaged roots and nerves begin to break down, they can develop a black/grey appearance. Tooth discolouration is often easier to spot on your front teeth.

Loose Tooth

A tooth that has infection present may begin to feel a little wobbly. This can be as a result of acidic waste products from your infected tooth softening the bone surrounding the root.

Whilst all the above symptoms may be indicative of needing a root canal, they may also warn of several other oral health concerns. Either way, don’t ignore the warning signs. 

Booking a dental check-up sooner rather than later can save you a lot of time, money and discomfort.

Root Canal Treatment at Boon Dental

Need root canal treatment in Sydney? At Boon Dental, we aim to provide exceptional dental care to everyone who walks through our doors. Our dental practices in Wentworth Point and Ropes Crossing are dedicated to your oral health. We provide a range of advanced services, including root canal treatment and are here to help you.

We have extensive experience and education. You’re in safe hands with our team of dental professionals.

At Boon Dental, our goal is to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. Keeping your natural teeth in place can prevent a lot of other dental issues, including drifting teeth. Root canal treatments can help save natural teeth. They do this by removing infected nerves and restoring their original structure.

Root canal treatments have several benefits, including:

  • Often less costly than a full tooth replacement
  • Can reduce tooth pain
  • Helps preserve and restore your natural tooth
  • Prevents the worsening of a dental infection that could compromise your general health
  • They get performed and have a high success rate

Root canal treatment will not safeguard your tooth from other types of damage or dental conditions. So, keeping up with regular dental visits and maintaining great oral hygiene is vital to keep you smiling and pain-free.

Contact our friendly team in Wentworth Point or Ropes Crossing to make an appointment.