Take-Home Vs. In-Chair Teeth Whitening | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Do you feel like your smile has become discoloured and dull over time? If so, teeth whitening may be a good option for you. Teeth whitening can be a great way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. As a result, it has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in Australia. 

Both in-chair teeth whitening and take-home kits are effective, but they work in different ways. In this article, we discuss the difference between the two treatments, and how Boon Dental can help you achieve a sparkling smile. 

In-Chair Teeth Whitening 

Professional in-chair teeth whitening is done under the supervision of an experienced dentist. Because of this, a stronger whitening solution can be used, producing quick, reliable results. Before having teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will conduct a thorough consultation. This is to access your suitability to teeth whitening and to clean your teeth before treatment to ensure the best possible result. 

During treatment, your dentist will place a rubber dam in your mouth. This dam protects your gums and the soft tissues in your mouth from irritation. The whitening solution gets applied to your teeth and placed under a light which activates the whitening process. In-chair teeth whitening is done in stages and can take up to an hour, depending on the shade you’d like you to achieve. 

The application and activation process for in-chair treatment may be the best for tough stains. However, this form of whitening treatment may be preferable for anybody who wants to achieve a whiter smile… fast and without having to do anything themselves!

Take-Home Whitening Kits 

Take-home teeth whitening kits provide a whitening treatment that you can do yourself, in the comfort of your home. You’ll still need to visit your dentist so that they can access your suitability to teeth whitening. They’ll then need to take dental impressions for your whitening trays. Once your whitening trays are ready, your dentist can provide you with your whitening gel and everything else you need to begin your treatment at home. 

You will need to fill the trays with the whitening gel and place them over your teeth daily. Your dentist will recommend how long you need to wear the trays. Usually, this is around one hour per day. You can expect to achieve your desired results in about 14 days. 

This type of whitening treatment does take longer to complete and may not be quite as effective as in-chair teeth whitening. However, if you like doing things in your own time and space, this option could be right for you.

Maintaining Your Teeth Whitening Results 

It’s important to note that teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. The enamel on your teeth is porous. Over time, it will absorb and develop new stains. To maintain your new pearly smile, you’ll need to consider a whitening treatment again at around the 12-month mark. 

With in-chair teeth whitening, there is the option for maintenance whitening kits to take home. Using these can help you extend the life of your in-chair treatment. You can also extend the life of your treatment by practising good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly for professional teeth cleaning

Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Over The Counter Products 

Teeth whitening products are readily available at supermarkets, pharmacies and online. But, only a dentist can provide teeth whitening treatments that use professional grade whitening gels. You may notice the mention of similar ingredients in over the counter products, but they will have different concentrations. 

Professional teeth whitening treatments administered by your dentist, whether in-chair or take home, will provide superior results. 

How Boon Dental Can Help 

At our Wentworth Point and Ropes Crossing dental practices, we believe everybody deserves a smile that gives them confidence. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment that can significantly enhance your smile, whether done alone or as part of a smile makeover treatment plan. 

At Boon dental, we take the time to get to know you and listen to your dental concerns. Our dentists will access your oral health and discuss your smile goals. They will help guide you towards the most suitable treatment option for you. 

Are you ready to start your journey to a whiter, brighter smile? Contact our friendly team to make an appointment.