Encouraging Good Dental Habits in Children

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At Boon Dental, we love our little patients and supporting parents through their children’s major dental milestones. When it comes to encouraging good dental habits in children, the earlier you begin the better!

Behaviours that are learnt at a young age tend to stick for life! So, teaching your child about dental care early gives them the best chance of a life of good oral health. 

5 Tips For Encouraging Good Dental Habits in Children

Tooth decay among children is on the rise. According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, more than 50% of all 6-year-olds have tooth decay. So encouraging good dental habits early is essential! 

#1 Start Dental Visits Early 

You should begin taking your child to a suitable children’s dentist for regular check-ups as soon as their first tooth appears. This doesn’t only help your dentist monitor your child’s healthy oral development. It also helps your child become familiar with going to the dentist. 

When a child is familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of the dental environment and can get to know their dentist, routine dental visits become a lot more enjoyable for everyone! Starting dental check-ups early also enables dental staff to give you support and advice on at-home oral hygiene for kids.

#2 Develop A Routine 

Children thrive on routine. Developing a dental care routine is a great way to encourage the development of good dental habits in children. For example, teeth cleaning “activities” can take place first thing in the morning and straight after dinner. Your child will begin to recognise the cues for teeth cleaning and is likely to adopt this as their routine for life. 

#3 Make Dental Care Fun

Dental care for kids should be more than just an obligation. Making dental care fun and exciting is a great way to encourage good dental habits in children. Why not make dental care an enjoyable activity that they can learn to look forward to? 

Some ways of making dental care fun are to use teeth-brushing charts, stickers, teeth-brushing songs or even to introduce a rewards program. 

#4 Lead By Example

As your child’s parent, you are one of their major sources of influence. They learn a lot of what they learn directly from you. From listening to you speak, and watching how you behave. This is no different when it comes to dental care and the dentist. 

Lead by example by demonstrating good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth with your child, show them how you do it. Explain why good oral health is important. And when speaking about the dentist or your dental visits, be mindful about sharing positive experiences. 

#5 Choose The Right Dentist 

A major factor in encouraging good dental habits in children is who your child’s dentist is. Choosing a family dentist who you can trust with your family’s oral health is important.

Not all dentists are family-friendly. Whilst lots of dental practices treat children, not all of them have a passion or an interest in this area. It pays to find a dentist that loves treating children and has extensive experience in paediatric dentistry

Are You Looking For A Children’s Dentist?

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist who can help give your child the best start to a life of great oral health, we can help you. At our family-friendly dental practices in Wentworth Point and Ropes Crossing, we have years of experience in treating children. We love taking care of children’s oral health and aim to make every dental visit as positive and fun as possible.

We have a wide range of dental services to cater to your growing child’s changing dental needs. What’s more, we know that life as a kid is busy, between school, sports and other activities. So, we offer after-school and weekend appointments so they don’t need to miss out on anything else! 

Depending on your circumstances, your child may be eligible for Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This scheme covers part of all of the cost of your child’s dental treatments. If you’re unsure whether your child qualifies for the CDBS, we can help answer your questions.

Is your child overdue for a visit to the dentist? Contact us to make an appointment and experience the Boon Dental difference.