How Your Dentist Can Help With Chipped or Worn Teeth

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Teeth that are worn down can create an uneven smile and may make you appear older than you feel. And even the smallest chip in your tooth is enough to let bacteria enter its chamber, which can lead to infection. At Boon Dental, our dentists offer a range of solutions for treating chipped or worn teeth. 

Teeth wear with age and conditions such as teeth grinding. They are also at risk of chipping in accidents or injuries that involve impact or trauma to your face. Even biting into hard foods such as nuts can cause a weakened tooth to chip. Of course, there are things you can do to minimise your risk of damage to your teeth. However, accidents can still happen and it’s important to seek dental care. 

In this article, we share how we can help you with chipped or worn teeth. 

Treating Chipped or Worn Teeth

Boon Dental offers several treatments for chipped or worn teeth. A consultation with one of our experienced dentists is essential for determining the best solution for you. The treatment most suitable for you will depend on some factors. These can include the location of your tooth, the extent of the damage and your current oral health. 

Dental Fillings 

You may be familiar with dental fillings being used to fill holes in teeth as a result of decay. Our dentists may also recommend a dental filling to restore chipped or worn teeth. A major role of a filling is to prevent bacteria from entering your tooth’s chamber, thus preventing infection. In the case of a chipped tooth, a filling helps preserve your oral health but also results in a smooth looking and feeling finish.

At our Ropes Crossing and Wentworth Point dental practices, we make use of tooth coloured dental fillings. These dental fillings blend in with your surrounding teeth and are barely noticeable in your mouth.

Dental Crowns

To improve the appearance or function of one or more of your teeth damaged by wear or chips, a dental crown may be a good treatment option for you. A crown serves as a ‘prosthetic’ that our dentists use to repair teeth. A crown caps your tooth, improving its appearance and function, as well as preventing bacteria from entering. Our dental crowns are custom made from porcelain to fit your tooth. They provide a long-lasting and natural-looking and feeling solution.

Cosmetic Bonding

For minor dental defects, including mildly chipped or worn teeth, cosmetic bonding can be a simple and cost-effective solution. Cosmetic bonding involves your dentist fixing a natural tooth-coloured resin to the surface of your tooth to enhance the appearance of your smile. 


If you have chipped or worn down teeth that are affecting the appearance of your smile, dental veneers may be the right treatment for you. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that get bonded onto the front surface of your teeth. Our porcelain veneers are custom-designed and hand-crafted based on your natural teeth and goals for your new and enhanced smile. 

Root Canal Therapy

Chipped or worn teeth that are left untreated can become infected. If your chip or wear has resulted in infection, our dentists may recommend root canal therapy. Root canal treatment disinfects, seals and restores function to a tooth that would otherwise likely end up needing extracting. 

Preventing Chipped or Worn Teeth 

Tooth enamel, the tough, outer layer of your teeth is one of the strongest parts of your body. But, it still has limitations to how much force or impact it can withstand. A forceful blow or excessive and ongoing pressure can result in chipped or worn teeth, amongst other things. Often this can lead to discomfort and disfiguring of your teeth.

Below are some of the things you can do to prevent chipping or wearing down your teeth: 

  • Wear a properly fitting, custom-made mouthguard when playing contact sports.
  • If you believe you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, speak to your dentist about a bite splint. 
  • Never use your teeth to open bottles, chew pens or ice, or for anything other than eating food. 
  • Attend regular dental check-ups so your dentist can diagnose and treat dental issues before they become major. 

Need Help With Chipped or Worn Teeth? 

Boon Dental is your Ropes Crossing and Wentworth Point dentist. Our experienced dentists have helped many patients restore their chipped or worn teeth. If your teeth are damaged, causing you discomfort, impacting your oral health or impeding on your self-esteem, we can help you. 

We offer a full range of quality dental services in our modern and comfortable dental rooms. Contact us today to book an appointment.