Here’s Why Regular Dental Cleaning is Important

Regular teeth cleanings by a dental hygienist bring tangible results. Stop trusting in apples to solely free you from the damage of poor oral hygiene. Tooth decay is irreversible, and the longer you fail to take action, the worse your oral health will become.

Help Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Plaque and tartar build up when you fail to brush or floss properly, and some may still grow despite your best efforts. Failing to follow proper oral hygiene at all will result in accelerated tooth decay. Further, it can damage the gums and put you at risk of periodontal disease (gum disease). Tooth decay can lead to severe conditions, including coronary artery disease.

Preventing Gum Disease

A professional dental cleaning process does more than what flossing and brushing at home will achieve. You should book a professional dental cleaning for yourself and your children at least twice a year. Watch out for frequent bad breath, as it is an early sign of gum disease.

You do not need to have oral health issues to benefit from professional teeth cleaning. If left untreated, without a deep clean, you are at risk of developing periodontal disease. At this point, your teeth and your gums are rotting simultaneously and causing bad breath. You also face the risk of inflamed gums, tooth pain, and bleeding gums.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Poor oral hygiene can accelerate the process of tooth decay. If left untreated, the entire mouth is at risk of infection. Plaque and tartar build up and accelerate the damage. Brushing and flossing can help, but nothing is as effective as professional dental cleaning by a dental hygienist.

More concerningly, tooth loss is associated with coronary heart disease, which people sometimes call coronary artery disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia.

Remove Stains

When you notice it, you should treat a tooth stain to prevent the speed up of tooth decay. Fluoride treatment is an effective treatment that will be provided as part of your checkup and clean.

Detect Potential Problems

It is vital to go for a dental checkup every so often. Most people are not self-aware enough to notice when oral health issues surface. There is no shame in attending an expert flossing session. This practise is becoming more common as a preventative oral hygiene treatment. 

Keep an eye for an inflamed gum line. Watch out for teeth that suddenly expose the gum more than before. Watch for rotting from the inside out. Use a flashlight and have someone else inspect the inside of your mouth. Watch out for root decay as well. While you can sometimes spot issues, a professional’s opinion is still the best route. A dental hygienist can give you a dental cleaning and check for any issues. If problems exist, the hygienist will refer you to a dentist or specialist to assist you further. 

Do you make grinding noises in your sleep? Watch out for subtle signs of bone loss. Even if it’s not visible, complications at the root and jaw bone are the most lethal and hard to treat. You need a dental checkup to ensure bruxism is not damaging the teeth.

What Happens During Dental Cleaning Visits?

Professional dental cleaning is a thorough process. The appointment goes smoothly and is a relaxed experience for most adults. Even in children, it’s not very common for them to negatively react to a dental cleaning experience. However, dental anxiety is a legitimate concern and if you are feeling nervous, please let your dentist know. There are many ways we can help your visit be more comfortable, to ensure you continue this important routine.

Pain is not a concern. Your teeth might feel sensitive for a few days after. Be careful not to eat anything too hard and avoid sweets, hot or cold beverages, and anything that stains. Brush and floss regularly, and you will have no problem restoring your teeth and gums to optimal health.

Go for the dental checkup and teeth cleaning for the sake of bone loss prevention and gum protection. Tooth loss and gum line infection are two leading indicators of eventual infection, which can be severe. Oral health relates to more than just a smile and needs to be seen as a serious health concern.

Book in with a Dentist Today

Without a doubt, even people with perfect oral hygiene should go for a dental checkup and clean twice a year. Getting your teeth cleaned is a pleasant and relieving process once it’s over.

We promise that regular dental cleaning is the answer to dental problems, especially at a younger age. Taking care of your oral health is crucial. Improve oral health with dental cleanings, while enhancing your smile and even reducing your risk of gum disease.

Go to our Check Up and Clean service page and arrange a clean today. Your dental problems do not have to hold you back forever!

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