What Does A Dental Implant Feels Like?

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Tooth decay and oral disease remain major issues in Australia with 90 percent of adults experiencing tooth decay of some form, in a report by the ADA. 

A shockingly high statistic for a nation that enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. 

According to AIHW, the average Australian spends between $300-400 AUD per year on dental services so reliable information regarding implants and oral health care is in high demand. 

In this article, we’re going to find out the most important things to know before getting dental implants. 

After reading this article, you will know: 

  • When do we need dental implants? 
  • What does a dental implant feel like?  
  • What are the major benefits of implants? 

While there are many different tooth replacement methods, here at Boon Dental we strongly believe it’s important to think not only of preventative tooth decay measures but reliable long term solutions… 

Dental implants may be just that… 

When Do We Need An Implant? 

Implants are needed to replace missing or severely damaged teeth. 

While these reasons seem obvious, it’s surprising how many Australian adults disregard the issue altogether with as many as 1 in 4 leaving tooth decay issues untreated. 

Dental implants are also great for people who want to avoid other forms of treatments such as dentures or crowns. Which despite being cheaper, are significantly less effective compared to implants. 

If you are currently worried about tooth decay, please read this post on how to spot the signs of tooth decay.  

What Does A Dental Implant Feel Like? 

Dental implants are designed to both look and feel like real teeth but despite this implants will feel very different in your mouth, especially during the first few weeks. 

As they are not living teeth, they’re without nerves and sensations. This may feel strange at first, but it’s something you’ll quickly adjust to. 

Any feeling you experience won’t be from the tooth itself but rather the soft tissue around it. 

Advantages Of Dental Implants

Dental implants have some major benefits and are by far the best long term solution for missing teeth. 

Improved Speech 

One of the biggest problems surrounding missing teeth and old-fashioned solutions such as dentures is the effect on speech.  

This loss of ability can have major effects on your speech as it changes the way sounds are made in your mouth. 

It’s very surprising how large a role your teeth play in your speech. 

Dentures are renowned for making speech difficult as not only do they fall out of place frequently but sometimes won’t fit your mouth properly, resulting in a lisp or missed sounds. 

Implants, however, make this an issue of the past as they are designed to serve as normal teeth allowing you to make sounds as normal. 

Easier Food Consumption 

One of the most frustrating (and sometimes painful) issues of tooth decay and loss is the inability to eat normally. 

Missing teeth mean your bite force is significantly reduced, whereas implants provide you with almost the same bite force as natural teeth.  

This bite force also plays a much larger role in your overall oral health. The pressure, from chewing, is what keeps your jaw bone healthy. Without this pressure, your jawbone can deteriorate resulting in a weak or deformed jaw and even a misshapen jawline.  

Another advantage regarding food consumption is the titanium screws used never deteriorate, meaning the tooth root (now a screw) cannot be damaged by bacteria. 

If you need any advice or help regarding dental implants, please give us a call today. 

Increased Self Esteem 

The way your teeth look can have an enormous impact on your self-esteem. 

Missing teeth and dentures, that frequently slip out, can lead to poor self-esteem, not to mention the incredibly embarrassing moments when talking and eating. 

Implants are made to look as if they are completely natural, giving you the confidence to speak and eat without worry. 

Overall Oral Health 

The effect implants can have on your overall oral health are unparalleled with other methods of treatment. 

Screws are made from titanium, a material that never deteriorates and fuses with the bone. Meaning your implant will never need replacing. 

This means no cavities and no fillings. Providing you take care of your implants of course. 


With the standard of Australia’s teeth shockingly low for both adults and children across the nation, dental implants serve as the highest quality and best long term solution to tooth decay and missing teeth. 

If you have missing or badly damaged teeth and you are serious about a long term solution, then dental implants are without doubt the best solution available. 

If you need reliable, professional advice about tooth decay or have any questions regarding dental implants, please give us a call today.  

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