Benefits of Partial Dentures

The benefits of partial dentures do not go unstated. For those that need them, complete dentures will be the optimal and essential choice. But, for many, partial dentures offer a nice variety of benefits.

You Don’t Have To Visit the Dentist Regularly

Partial dentures can last for several years before you should replace them. This option isn’t for everyone, such as those needing a fixed bridge. But, those who benefit from this denture type will be happy to know that partial dentures can last up to 15 years. This longevity speaks for itself and makes a valuable investment for those in need. 

Playing Sport 

You should always use a mouthguard when playing a contact sport, whether it’s basketball, football, hockey, rugby, or wrestling. But wearing full dentures can hold back confidence for some players, affecting their game. Using a full removable bottom jaw denture is challenging to cope with when using mouthguards. In contrast, partial dentures are easier to manage with mouthguards.


Believe it or not, ill-fitting dentures can cause a more significant gas buildup when chewing almost anything. As you naturally swallow this gas concentration, you experience indigestion. If you recently got dentures and are suddenly experiencing frequent indigestion, it might be time to check your denture fitment.

You Already Have Some Teeth Missing 

Partial dentures are a direct answer to tooth loss. You can restore the confidence in your smile and recapture the strong bite you once had. With the right set, you can enjoy a vast range of foods that seemed forever gone. Partial dentures make sense when a dental bridge isn’t required. If the whole arch of teeth is gone, it is time to go for the complete denture set.


Gingivitis is often the result of poor hygiene in the oral cavity. The maintenance with complete dentures is much more tedious. Therefore, there is a greater risk of gingivitis with full dentures. You should always look for signs of tooth decay and gum disease and act swiftly when any are spotted.

Restore Speech Ability 

Your confidence grows, and your jawline gets to hold its shape. This allows for proper functioning when chewing, talking, and even smiling for pictures. For some, the restored speech ability with partial dentures is a gamechanger. Unfortunately for some, learning to speak with dentures is painful. Partial dentures do not stay in overnight, so it can take a while before it feels normal to talk while wearing them.

Customised and Comfortable Fit

Partial dentures are made to fit. There are easy adjustments that your dentist can make to fix any minor comfort issue. Once the exact fit is found, it does feel normal when wearing them. The added bite strength and support alone make them pleasant to wear. For most, the extra functionality makes up for any slight discomfort.

Improve Your Overall Oral Health

You want to take care of your dentures and make them last as long as possible. The best way you can make a difference is by keeping up with your oral health. Ensure proper dental hygiene is followed at all times. Live with a diet that does not influence dental decay, such as one high in sugar. Abstain from tooth-rotting habits like drinking coffee, beer, or wine.

Try Partial Dentures

Making sense of life after partial dentures is easy for most clients. The benefits sell partial over full, and barring a slight adjustment here and there, the dentures can last a long time. Everyone is different, and it takes a proper oral inspection to know how your dentures should be done. Your gums age, your jaw bone can deteriorate, and other issues can occur. Therefore, keeping up with the shape of your dentures and whether they still fit your bone structure is essential. 

In the end, partial dentures offer many benefits. It is recommended that you choose them over full dentures whenever possible. If unsure which is best for you, reach out to a dental professional for guidance.

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