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Our philosophy is to deliver an exceptional dental experience for every one of our patients, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We believe in treating all our patients with compassion and offering quality dental care so they can achieve a beautiful and healthier smile.

Boon Dental was first established in 2017.
The origin of the name is derived from the word Boon.

Boon (n) Cambridge Dictionary “something that is very helpful and improves the quality of life” Dictionary.com “something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.”

Our passion is to create long lasting and healthy smiles. We believe that the best way to look after our patients is to listen to your individual needs and work with you in looking after your oral health. All of us at Boon Dental are highly experienced and deliver care based on scientific evidence and best practice. We do not try to sell any treatments that are unsuitable for the patient because we believe in looking after them in the long run.

Find your local Boon Dental


Wentworth Point

Address: Pierside, Shop T1b, 1 Burroway Rd,
Wentworth Point NSW 2127

Phone: (02) 8188 4273


Ropes Crossing

Address: Shop 8b/8 Central Pl,
Ropes Crossing NSW 2760

Phone: (02) 9673 6973