Children’s Dentistry

Creating Healthy And Beautiful Smiles Of Little Ones With

Children's Dentistry

At Boon Dental, our dental team have years of experience with children & look to make every visit as pleasant and fun as possible.

We can organise appointments for your child with our dentists after school or on a weekend to ensure they don’t need to miss any school.

Kids Dentist

As soon as your baby’s teeth begin to show, it’s important to start paying attention to their oral hygiene & how their mouth structure is developing.

It’s recommended at the 18-month mark you get into some positive dental habits for your kids by brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing.

We are all aware of the negative impacts sugar has for our teeth however it really comes down to the frequency of sugar as opposed to eating or drinking a lot at the one time The best time for a child to eat sweet foods is at the end of their meal because you can then plan around their brushing cycle. It is really important to look after the health of milk teeth as they are essential not only for eating but for speech development, facial appearance and saving space for the adult teeth to grow into.

At this young age regular dental check-ups are not required however there are benefits to bring them with you upon your 6-month checkups so they can familiarise themselves with a dental appointment and remove the fear aspect that a lot of people have with dentists.

When your children become more independent and brush their teeth without supervision, you should organise regular hygiene appointments which will allow Boon dental to give your teenager's teeth a thorough scale & clean.

Teenage years are typically when orthodontic treatment takes place as most of the baby teeth will have been lost and replaced by adult teeth. Our children's dentist will be able to advise you on the best time to see an orthodontist and we have a dentist team specialising in braces & Invisalign.

Preventative Dentistry

Our dental team focus on thorough consultations which then paint a picture of your oral health journey

Modern Facilities

Boon Dental has invested in the very latest equipment to ensure you have the best experience with our dentists

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Boon Dental have 2 Dental Practices for our patients, Ropes Crossing & Wentworth Point

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Our team are focused on being a Boon for patients who want the very best in personalised dental care.