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Dentures are a type of artificial tooth replacement for missing teeth in your mouth. Dentures are custom-made to fit for you natural teeth and can be taken out from the mouth as need be

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dentures

If you require dentures for missing teeth, you will be pleased to know that the procured has come a long way & is now pain-free & relaxing. You may experience some discomfort & obviously, you will need to become familiar with them. Whilst dentures won't feel exactly the same as your natural teeth you will walk away having a sense of confidence & pride that you didn't before the denture procedure. With so many advantages to replacing your missing teeth with dentures, you would be crazy to not consider dentures as a solution to your missing teeth.

What happens in a Dental Check Up And Clean Appointment?

During your check-up and clean with Boon Dental we will provide a comprehensive scale & clean. In some instances, we will also provide a dental x-ray which helps our Dentist understand the structure of your mouth & what kind of treatments are best suited to you. If you are a new patient this is really important as it provides a base knowledge of what kind of treatment & dental care you will need in future.

We are always looking at preventative measures for our patients where possible as opposed to avoiding larger, more intensive dental procedures like tooth extractions & disease.

Dental exam and x-ray give us the most detailed information on the best ways to protect you from cavities & gum disease. A dental exam or check up will also involve a thorough clean which will help to remove yellowing stains, food deposits like tartar or calculus.

In your check-up and clean appointment, we will give you a lovely smooth, clean feeling on your teeth. Your smile will be a touch brighter, so book in your check-up and clean appointment today on the below form or call us on.

Preventative Dentistry

Our dental team focus on thorough consultations which then paint a picture of your oral health journey

Modern Facilities

Boon Dental has invested in the very latest equipment to ensure you have the best experience with our dentists

Multiple Locations

Boon Dental have 2 Dental Practices for our patients, Ropes Crossing & Wentworth Point

Our Dental Team

Our team are focused on being a Boon for patients who want the very best in personalised dental care.