Tooth Extraction

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are sometimes needed in cosmetic dentistry to make room for other teeth to fill gaps in your smile. Tooth extraction is also something that may be needed when the tooth has died. Removal can often facilitate orthodontic treatment and future procedures or simply reduce pain from a severely infected tooth.

Tooth extraction procedures ensure that tooth or teeth can be removed by a qualified professional using proper dental tools and equipment.

Although tooth extraction is known as an oral surgery it's a relatively simple procedure that can often be carried out by a general dentist.

A medical evaluation is always carried out before the tooth extraction is performed.

Tooth extraction is beneficial because:

- It can offer reduced costs over other treatment
- It can prevent severe tooth decay or infection
- It can prevent supernumerary teeth or blocking teeth which can cause oral health complications.
- It can be required of a person has severe gum disease and the structures of their gums can no longer support the tooth.

The tooth extraction is a common solution that can come into place when a tooth is heavily damaged when someone's mouth is extremely crowded if there are impacted teeth, severe gum disease, infection or for aesthetic purposes.

Tooth extractions begin with an assessment first followed by a surgeon administering a local anaesthetic that will numb the gum area where the tooth needs to be extracted. For surgical extractions like wisdom teeth, generally, the procedure is done under sedation.

Once the area and pain management medication is administered the tooth extraction is performed using forceps. Larger teeth can often require cutting into several pieces to completely remove the tooth safely.

The recovery time for a tooth extraction usually requires a few days on ibuprofen and potentially some dissolving stitches. The process of tooth extraction, however, is quite risk-free and a great way to improve your oral health over time.

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