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Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can strike with no warning. Call us for the same day emergency care.

Tooth pain is only one part of an issue and can be symptomatic of something far more critical that needs urgent dental care. While it’s common to reach for the first pain reliever in your medicine cabinet and wait out the pain until your next dental appointment, this can be detrimental to the longevity of your dental conditions.

Not every dental practitioner can afford to operate at odd hours of the day, but our emergency dentists are available 24/7 for your peace of mind. The sensitive nature of dental conditions and injuries require prompt professional attention and putting treatment off till the next convenient hour or muscling over the pain with painkillers is not recommended. At our well-resourced facilities, our qualified dental professionals are equipped to handle all dental emergencies that may arise.

Finding an emergency dentist near me for emergencies that require immediate attention

Broken and fractured teeth
From a fall or biting into a very hard food, teeth can fracture for many reasons and at any time. Broken teeth leave the delicate inner tooth exposed, which can be painful. If you find yourself with a broken tooth, collect all the fragments of your teeth and call our emergency dentists right away.

Severe toothache
ain can develop over a few weeks, or it can strike suddenly. Whether dental pains are excruciating or annoying, they are all indicative of something amiss and can’t be ignored. From cavities to dental abscess, emergency dental services will keep your mouth healthy and pain-free.

Missing filling or crown
If your cap or crown were to fall off, your inner tooth could be exposed to bacteria and infection, which can be pretty painful at best. Don’t endure the pain and risk losing the tooth, give us a call to get urgent dental care right away.

Missing tooth
Having your tooth knocked from its socket is no fun at all and you will want to visit your nearest emergency dentist to ensure there is no further damage to the jaw. Like all dental emergencies, time is of the essence. Collect your tooth and keep it in a cup of milk while making your emergency dental appointment. With any luck, it can be replaced back in its socket.

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