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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry involves using sedation for patients with dental anxieties such as fear and phobia of needles, sensitive teeth, gag reflex and more. The sedation helps them relax during the procedure without the panic that would normally arise without the sedation.

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, can be used for various dental procedures, especially those with longer duration or complex dental treatments where multiple dental issues are being treated in one procedure.

Who can get Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry offers an excellent solution for people who have an extreme fear of dental procedures. This may be caused by a poor experience as a child or passed on from parents having the same fears.

The use of sedation in dental procedures allows patients with such fears  to get the treatment they need without discomfort and pain.

Dental sedation may not be recommended if you’re pregnant, have allergic reactions, respiratory problems or are taking certain
medications. A complete medical history is always taken before sedation is considered for any patient.

Types of Dental Sedation

Happy gas or Nitrous oxide is a form of mild sedation,
generally recommended in children’s dentistry to relax
children before the procedure. It is a colourless gas inhaled
through a nose mask to help calm the patients. Happy gas
does not put you to sleep. It’s used to keep patients calm
and sleepy to help get through the procedure.

The patient who has been administered nitrous oxide is
generally aware during the procedure but in a dreamlike
state that makes them feel happy and at peace. They may
not have a complete recollection of the procedure after.

Side effects may include nausea, vomiting and slight
headaches rarely. A light meal 2 hours before the procedure
is advised, with no meals after for a couple of hours.

Happy gas is available only at Boon Dental Ropes Crossing
Clinic. Please talk to our friendly dentists for more
information on nitrous oxide for dental procedures.

Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide) is available only at Ropes Crossing.

Oral sedation is given in the form of a pill an hour before the  procedure. It makes you sleepy, though not everyone may  fall asleep after taking it. Oral sedation is non-invasive and a moderate form of sedation.

It makes you feel calm and relaxed, dampening awareness
during dental procedures but allowing you to listen and
follow instructions. Even if you fall asleep, it’s light, and you
can be easily woken with a slight nudge.

Oral sedation is best suited for people with minor anxiety
for longer procedures to help them get through it quickly
and efficiently. The after-effects wear off after a couple of
hours, so please make sure you have someone to help drive
you home after the procedure.

IV sedation or sleep dentistry is a form of deep sedation
recommended for patients with severe dental phobia. It is
administered through an IV into your bloodstream. This
puts you into a deep sleep for the procedure, and you will
have no recollection of the treatment after you wake up.

IV sedation can only be administered by a trained
anaesthetist or a sedation qualified dentist. Vitals such as
your blood pressure, oxygen levels and breathing are
monitored closely, and the dosage can be adjusted to wake
you up if required.

IV sedation is mostly used for lengthy procedures and for
patients suffering from extreme dental anxiety. The
drowsiness takes a couple of hours to wear off. Therefore, it
iss best to have someone to help you after the procedure.

IV sedation services are available at our Wentworth Point
Clinic by appointment only. We have a dedicated
emergency medical doctor for the procedure to ensure
close monitoring and supervision during the sedation
and treatment.

IV Sedation. By appointment only. Aenethasits comes in. Wentworth Point Only.

Dental Treatment made Easy with Sedation Dentistry

Routine dental checkups and preventive dentistry are essential to maintain your teeth and
gums. But poor oral hygiene, genetics, age and lifestyle wear and tear can lead to you needing

dental procedures to fix certain dental problems and protect your teeth.

If you’re nervous or anxious about getting necessary dental treatments done, contact our
friendly dentists at Boon Dental. We are dedicated to offering you the best dental care

treatments customised to your personal needs.

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